Writer’s Guidelines

We focus mainly on one thing – quality. Your viewpoint might be different from others but as long it has enough facts to back it up, your article will be published in no time.

We can ensure that your article will reach thousands of people. While we still have not worked on an author box for each article, our aim is to provide recognition to our writers and help them grow their followers on social media platforms.

While it’s healthy to hide an element in the title, click-baiting is strictly prohibited.

Eg: For a news that links Eden Hazard with a move to Real Madrid, the title has to be: Real Madrid keen on signing Chelsea star

Real Madrid interested in signing THIS Chelsea starorEuropean Giants bid for Premier League superstaris not allowed.


What is plagiarism? Copying an article from another website word-to-word is termed as plagiarism. We have a strict policy on plagiarism.

We expect you to come up with unique content and not copy-paste someone else’s work. Every article is put through a plagiarism checker and if the article is found to be plagiarised, you will be warned first and then banned if repeated.

Copying any sentence or opinion is also termed as a plagiarized content and will have the same repercussion.


You will have to link the original source of the rumor/news. Any claim you make in your article (Quotes, Player Transfer Fees, Past Moves and Rumours, Stats etc) should also be backlinked to a credible source.

It is ideal to use BBC news pieces when talking about transfers that took place. Just google search: ‘<player name> joins <club> BBC‘ and the first link will have all the important information you need.


Lastly, and most importantly, your article has to be written in British English. No foul languages can be used, even censeriong of such words is also allowed unless they are a part of the quote by the subject of the article.


We are a brand new website and although we have ads on it, they just about cover the cost of our site hosting. This is the phase we are in right now and thus, we will not be able to pay you anything at the moment.

However, we would like to point out that in a couple of months, if things do well, we will start paying.

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